npm install obsidian.css --save

or link to the CDN

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" media="screen" title="Obsidian.css" charset="utf-8">

Using in Build

Recommended you use PostCSS and postcss-import.

Example using Gulp.js:

const gulp = require('gulp');
const postcss = require('gulp-postcss');
const atImport = require('postcss-import');
const env = require('postcss-preset-env');

const processors = [

gulp.task('styles', ()=> {
  return gulp.src('path/to/stylesheet')
    // Probably other tasks

then import into your CSS and modify some variables:

@import 'obsidian.css/lib/settings';
@import 'obsidian.css/lib/generic';
@import 'obsidian.css/lib/elements';

@import 'obsidian.css/lib/objects/obsidian.grid';
@import 'obsidian.css';

:root {
  --headlines: 'Proxima Nova Condensed', Lucida Grande, sans-serif;
  --body-text: 'Meta Serif Pro', Charter, serif;

And things should compile the way you'd expect.

Install Obsidian.css

yarn add obsidian.css