PostCSS Plugins

Through building Obsidian.css, it felt necessary to extend PostCSS with more plugins for analysis. Honestly, would encourage anyone to do this, the API is well documented and there are dozens of examples to follow.

PostCSS Parker

Parker is a CSS analysis tool to gives fine-grained stats about your stylesheet. This is a wrapper around Parker to be used in a PostCSS pipeline and output to an named file.

PostCSS Gzip

Simple output file size reporter.


Fork of postcss-style-guide to tweak the output of the markdown parser. Archived.


Wilco is an opinionated linter based off of stylelint. Wilco is an opinionated linter for CSS that's powered by Stylelint. It's the first command line app I've ever started and finished. The focus is meant to just take in a glob of files and check it against a specific rule set for style violations.

Community Plugins Used

  • postcss-import
  • postcss-export-vars
  • postcss-custom-properties
  • postcss-color-function
  • autoprefixer
  • css-mqpacker
  • cssnano

Install Obsidian.css

yarn add obsidian.css