A Modular CSS Library

yarn add obsidian.css

Obsidian.css is a modular CSS library that focuses on code common to most projects.

This project works under the belief that when abstracted most CSS is shockingly similar across projects. More than likely you'll need a type scale, a grid system, spacing utilities, media blocks, sensible default styling for elements (forms, tables, buttons). This project is a collection of the CSS patterns that have stuck with me over the last two years and grown with me.

Styles are written in an adapted BEM naming convention and organized in an ITCSS-like methodology. It uses PostCSS plugins to compile variables, color functions and add vendor prefixes.


When you use Obsidian.css you can remove and swap out any of the modules or layers you don't want or need. Plus you should be able to override certain properties to achieve the design you want.

Built to Perform

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